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Solar energy, clean energy for a better tomorrow

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Bringing power of the Sun to you

Solar energy, clean energy for a better tomorrow

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AYKA Technologies

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AYKA Technologies is a leading retailer & installer of quality solar power systems across Australia and one of the Clean Energy Council members. Over the last few years, our customers have benefited from investing in our solar panel solutions. At AYKA Technologies we only use the most reliable brands of components, including panels and inverters paired with our high-quality service. We offer customised solutions for residential and commercial properties with a full ten-year workmanship warranty for all of our rooftop PV solar system installations. All our solar installations are compliant with Australian Standards and the Clean Energy Council guidelines.

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Our Projects


Austpath Laboratories, Northmead, NSW – 100kW

Efficient and reliable system installed at AUSTPATH LABORATORIES. 263 top quality REC 380W panels with German made SMA inverters.

Northridge Church, Thornleigh, NSW – 25kW

25kW system with reliable LONGI panels and European made FRONIUS inverter make a powerful combination.

Martin’s Fruit World, Luddenham, NSW – 40kW

A massive 40kW system with reliable Trina panels and a powerful 29.9kW Huawei inverter for Martin’s Fruit World.

Swimtastic, Hornsby, NSW – 38.7kW

Commercial solar installation of 38.7kW system for a client in Hornsby. A powerful combination of Longi Half cut mono crystalline 450W panels and 29.9kW Huawei inverter.

Supreme Engineering, Blacktown, NSW - 20kW

Our friends from Supreme Engineering are enjoying their new 20KW solar panel system – A powerful and efficient system with combination of Longi panels and Fronius inverter.

Commercial Installation – 22.2kW

A system of 22.2kW was installed using Trina 370W Half cell monocrystalline panels and an Austrian made Fronius inverter.


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We are Building
a Sustainable Future

AYKA Technologies is Australia’s most trusted solar retailer and installer, with a vision to provide clean energy solutions to more homeowners and business owners. Our ultimate goal is to provide homes all over the country with renewable energy solutions and high-quality solar panel systems. We are gratified for our work as we help our customers take a step towards a greener future for our beautiful country and save money on every single electricity bill.

Personalised service: tailored designs suited to fit your needs

A reliable team of solar experts

Rated 5* on Google reviews

High quality components and top brands in the market

Benefits of Solar

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Installing a solar panel system will help you to drastically reduce your energy bills and will also protect you from the rise in electricity prices that happens every year.


An Investment

Switching to solar is an investment. Once installed, a solar panel system can generate substantial savings for more than 20 years. Solar Panels and Solar Inverters last up to more than 10 years to 25 years.


Sustain Quality Lifestyle

You can enjoy all your amenities, like entertainment systems, refrigerators, televisions, etc, without having to worry about your power consumption.

It is a Valuable Asset

Solar panel systems are a valuable asset. Solar panels can last upto more than 25 years. Solar Inverters can last upto more than 10 years, and have low maintenance costs which save you both time and money.

We’re Experts When it Comes to Solar Panels across Australia

All of our solar panel systems across Australia come with a manufacturing warranty. We also offer a ten-year warranty on your solar panel system’s workmanship and installation, so there’s nothing left for you to worry about. We also guarantee to always offer the best price on the market and beat any competitor’s solar quote, so you know you’re getting an honest rate on your solar installation. To make the entire process seamless, we provide over the phone or in-house consultations to establish how we can best meet your solar needs.

Installation Process Steps

Lodging Enquiry

Lodge your solar system enquiry with us, and our team of solar experts will evaluate your house roof potential using our advanced aerial imagery technology and electricity consumption pattern to make a customized quote. We are firmly committed to delivering the best service at the right price.

System Design & Quotation

We will send you a customized quote for your house. The system suggested by us will consider not only your current consumption but also the likely increase in consumption over the next years. We ensure that your roof area is put to optimum use.

Order Finalization

Our solar experts provide you with multiple panels & inverter options to choose from. The team is more than happy to help you with your queries and doubts about solar. You can also choose from multiple payment options to suit your cash flow. We are sure that you will proceed with your solar system order finalization with us.


Our back office will do the needful to obtain necessary connection permissions with your retailer/ grid company. Once it is in place, we will assign one of our CEC Accredited Installers to accomplish your installation. Our in-house installation team will ensure that supreme quality is maintained in all aspects of the installation.


After completing the project, we hand over a CCEW (Compliance and Completion of Electrical Work) and other relevant documents to you. Our back-office team will help you with Smart Meter Application to your retailer and register your warranties with the relevant inverter & panel manufacturer.

Start Saving

Once the smart meter is in place, you can start using the solar system & saving on your electricity bills. Our solar expert team will guide you about extracting maximum benefits from your system month after month. Live peacefully and save electricity, save money.

Our Expertise


Consultation & Product Selection

Our friendly solar experts and experienced consultants can help you to find the right solution  for your specific  requirements.

Installation & commissioning

It is consequently important that a system is installed and tested as per the commissioning requirement of the network.

Monitoring &


Turn on your new solar system and watch as the sun does its job! Our smart monitoring system displays all the information you need.

Customer Reviews 

Sandeep and the team @AYKA TECHNOLOGY have been absolutely fantastic.
Every phone call picked up and every question answered.
Their Customer Service has been great. I would definitely recommend using them.

Rhys Fernandes


Very happy with Sandeep and the team. The work was completed as scheduled. Sandeep also came the following week to ensure the installation has been completed properly and took the time to walk me through the inverter functionality and how to use the apps.

Daniel Suwargo


Easy and smooth process from start to finish. Solar system is almost 1yr old and no issues whatsoever. AAA+ customer service. Highly recommended based on my experience. Sandeep and Monika are one of the kindest people I have ever met 😀

Carlo Larino


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