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What We DO

AYKA is for the Future. We have the vision to make renewable energy available for everyone which will put us a step closer to a green, clean, and pollution-free environment. Our services are the most trustworthy, affordable, and efficient option. We will make all your activities easy for you. We offer an exciting array of services. contact us for more information.

AYKA Solar

Your Local Solar Expert

A team of experienced professionals, who are striving hard to make your solar dream come true with their constant support and customer service. We are supreme suppliers of premium quality solar panels, inverters, batteries, and many more services for both commercial and residential purposes. AYKA could be your magic bullet and most desirable solution finder to all your solar queries and needs. We offer reasonable pricing plans, multiple brand options, and expert design to fit the needs of your home or business.

AYKA Handyman

Your Circle of Care and Comfort

A team of dedicated personnel who are like your backbone will support, guide, and care for you and your house or business. You can always count on us for 100% customer satisfaction! No problem ever comes without a solution. With reliable and experienced professionals we are experts in remodelling and repairing and we always come up with a solution to all your problems. From carpentry to maintenance you have it all sorted with just a click. You deserve only the best and we are a company that can deliver. 

AYKA Marketing

Your Professional Marketing Guide

A team of Marketing Specialists who will help you throughout your marketing journey. The internet is indeed a vast place: Easy to get lost among the searches and Easy to be found with the right tactics.  We’re the best in digital marketing, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got!. We have experts who will hype up your traffic and give you leads with profound knowledge in SEO, Backlinks, and Paid Advertisements. With our expertise in digital marketing, branding & design as well as a content strategy for blogs or websites that keep your customers engaged. 

The Professionals for all your needs and concerns and get your wishes fulfilled

AYKA is like your companion that will always be of great service to you and will be with you in time of dire need. You may have been procrastinating for a long time, but it’s never too late to make the changes that will help you live better now and in your future. You could save yourself the hassle and stress by just calling us! Believe me, when I tell you, It will never be boring and mundane. All the issues in your life will be little hurdles that you will overcome. With our help, you can make your home or business a better place. You always end up saving more with our services. As I would like to put it, “It’s Never Expenditure with AYKA, it’s Always an Investment to your Future and the Future Generations to come”. 

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