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If your business or organization can pay energy bills, installing a solar system would actually cover the cost of energy usage and the cost of installing a PV solar system. Our customized and free solar quotes ensure that a solar system’s installation actually returns your investment into positive cash flows. (The savings you earn by installing solar actually return a positive cash flow, with the best possible system designs)


Solar is the best for your business organization and commercial properties because:

  1. The money you save by switching to solar pays for the system eventually.
  2. It protects your business from rising power costs.
  3. It boosts your organization’s green credentials and reduces the business’s carbon footprint
  4. Tax incentives help you save money if financed.
  5. Government rebates that exist for all types of businesses, ensuring the cost-effectiveness of a system

Our experts analyze your current usage and design and install the best possible Solar system for you. Save money in the short and long run, make the switch. Go Solar, Go Ayka.


Why Choose AYKA for commercial and business requirements?

  • Lease options available
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Excellent customer service from design to installation to maintenance
  • Best range of panels, inverters, and batteries in Australia
  • Quick Installation turn- around times
  • 10 years limited workmanship warranty
  • Solar panel maintenance services are now also available!
  • Install solar systems in your rented space too!