Solar Packages in Sydney

When it comes to getting the best out of your solar system, you need to know that every part of the installation is suitable for your unique situation – from the angle and pitch of your roof to the size,capacity and technology of the panels. Creating this perfect package needs not only access to a wide range of panels and inverters, but also a thorough knowledge of permits, government incentives, and energy company feed in tariffs that could save extra money. A solar company in Sydney that outsources the installation might not be able to create a bespoke solution for your property – whereas a company that takes care of every step, from initial consultation through to installation and then support afterwards, can offer the very best in value and service.
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Creating Ideal Solar Packages in Sydney

AYKA Technologies offers you the opportunity to access the very best solar packages in Sydney. Providing the best quality products at an affordable price, we are not just a sales company. In fact, one of our founders, Sandeep, worked as a solar panel installer for some of the most well-known solar companies in Australia for many years. When he came to realise that many of these companies were actively mis-selling the benefits of solar to people, and actually only cared about the sale rather than their customers, he knew something had to change.

With this in mind, working with Kunal– a sales and business development guru who has worked for many years in the gas and electricity sector – AYKA Technologies was born. Not just a sales company, AYKA is founded on the belief that using ‘tact and a willingness to solve problems’ is the best way to give every customer access to the perfect solar packages in Sydney.

How Do AYKA Solar Packages Work?

You can find out if your home is suitable for solar in just one ten-minute call. In fact, our expert team can give you an idea of how much money you could save by switching to a solar system just by discussing your current usage and utilising some state-of-the-art technology. We have access to 3D aerial imagery technology that allows us to ‘view’ your home, so we can assess the pitch of your roof, the material it is made out of, and look for any obstructions that might compromise the solar efficiency of your potential panels. We can look at the size of the roof to decide which solar package will fit best, and of course, we can look at the direction of your roof too. The very best results come from a north-facing slope, but other configurations can work too, so don’t be discouraged if your roof doesn’t face the exact north direction.

Custom Solar Packages in Sydney to Suit Your Needs

If you are a good candidate for solar, and you think the possible benefits stack up against the initial cost, we will begin to custom design several systems. With each design, you will be able to understand what the guaranteed production will be, any optional extras you can add on, a choice of payment options as well as incentives and warranties that might apply.

Once you have made your decision, our project management team will oversee your installation – using our own Clean Energy Council certified installation team – and they will take care of not only installing your new system but also getting any permits, arranging inspections and working all the connections so that you are up and running in no time.

After the solar package is fully installed, we monitor it. This means that we can offer support for the lifetime of the system, often noticing faults before they have an impact on your day to day usage. Alongside the manufacturer’s warranty for all parts we use, AYKA also offers a 10-year workmanship and installation warranty.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Sydney Solar Package?

If you think that solar power might be something that could work for you, then call us today for more information. AYKA Technologies offer the best solar packages in Sydney and offer a best price guarantee on like-for-like system installations – in fact, we will always beat a competitor’s quote.

AYKA will guide you through the whole process, from consultation to product selection, installation to commissioning, and ongoing monitoring and support – all from one phone call.

So, if you want to talk to AYKA about your perfect solar package, call us today on 0409 707 707 or email us at info@ayka.com.au.
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Jhon Smith

The install went very very smoothly. We dident notis them and people were still playing while all the work was all going on. When you have a roof space and it's not being used then you meight as well make the most of it


The sevice provided by AYKA was excellent through out the project. Their project delivery proggrame was well thought out and integreted seamlessly with our own opration and was delivered on time with profesionallism and attention to detail.

Mike Chambers

Working with AYKA with on our 3rd solar project was a great success and they have a good team of people right from the intial consultation starts through the design process project sign off and installtion on site.

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