Solar Installation Rebate in NSW

The NSW Government want to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and are utilising federal government incentives on qualifying residential or commercial premises to offer significant reductions in cost for solar systems. These incentives are designed to encourage the use of renewable energy to help meet Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. Known as the Solar Installation Rebate, installing a solar system creates Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which are then either purchased by energy companies or can be sold through the Clearing House system. The value of the STCs can vary, but they are a way to offset the initial cost of purchasing and installing a solar system for your home or business.
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>Make the Most of the Solar Installation Rebate in NSW.

The NSW Government estimates that the average Sydney household will save up to $900 dollars a year on electricity bills by installing a 4kW rooftop solar system – and those savings mean that the initial investment into a solar system could be paid off within 3-5 years.

To find out more about getting a solar installation rebate in NSW, you need to contact a solar company that are experts in all aspects of alternative energy – from getting the best deal on purchase to seamless installation and exceptional aftercare. For this reason, AYKA Technologies should be the first point of call.

How Does the NSW Solar Installation Rebate Work?

AYKA Technologies will assess your property to ensure that it is suitable for solar panels. The best results come from north-facing roofs, with a shallow pitch. From the initial phone call where we utilise cutting edge 3D aerial imagery to assess your property, to designing a bespoke system suitable for your budget and needs – through installation and support for the lifetime of your system, AYKA will be there for you as a customer.

As part of this dedication to providing the very best in customer service, we want you to fully understand exactly what solar power is, how it works, and how it can save (and make) you money.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed on the roof, and they convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity. This then passes through an inverter, which converts the DC into Alternating Current (AC) electricity, which is used by the appliances in the property.

Save Even More Money With A Solar Rebate

Using the energy provided by the solar panels reduces the reliance on power from the grid, and while it might not completely replace your paid-for electricity, it will significantly reduce your bill. Other factors such as the weather, the size of the installed system and how much electricity you use and when can have an impact – but AYKA will discuss that with you when we perform an initial consultation.

Any excess power that is generated can be routed into a battery for use later or exported back into the grid. Some energy companies offer payment for excess energy that you export. Known as a ‘feed-in tariff’, this payment will appear as a credit line on your bill and is paid a standard rate per kilowatt hour (kWh).

When your solar system is installed, you will have a net or smart meter. This will track and record your energy generation, consumption and export so that you are able to monitor your usage – and AYKA Technologies will use this data to make sure that you are able to make the most of the energy that you are creating.

Solar Installation Rebates – Extra Savings

Alongside the saving on your bill, and the feed-in tariff that you might receive from your energy company, the federal government incentive offered in the form of STCs can significantly offset the initial cost of purchase and installation.

To find out more about the ways you can save money during the lifetime of your solar system, as well as full and frank information about how the government’s STCs can offset the initial cost of solar energy installation, you need to talk to the experts.

Call AYKA Technologies today on 0409 707 707 or send an email to info@ayka.com.au.
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Jhon Smith

The install went very very smoothly. We dident notis them and people were still playing while all the work was all going on. When you have a roof space and it's not being used then you meight as well make the most of it


The sevice provided by AYKA was excellent through out the project. Their project delivery proggrame was well thought out and integreted seamlessly with our own opration and was delivered on time with profesionallism and attention to detail.

Mike Chambers

Working with AYKA with on our 3rd solar project was a great success and they have a good team of people right from the intial consultation starts through the design process project sign off and installtion on site.

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