Solar Energy Installers in Sydney

In Australia, more than 2 million households are already benefitting from clean, renewable electricity converted from the sun. As more and more people are trying to find reliable solar energy installers in Sydney, AYKA Technologies are here to give you all the information you need to decide whether a solar PV system is right for you. AYKA Technologies was founded by a disillusioned solar energy installer. Having worked to install solar PV systems for retailers and sales companies, he realised that these companies were only interested in getting the maximum money out of their customers – the actual systems that were being installed weren’t necessarily the best for the customer.
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AYKA Technologies – Solar Energy Installers in Sydney and Beyond

This lack of care and compassion is what drove Sandeep to create a company that installed solar panels – but also avoided the ‘sales first’ mindset that other solar installation companies adopt.

AYKA means ‘tact and willingness to solve problems’ – we use our knowledge in the solar industry alongside our outstanding customer service to create the perfect solar system for each individual customer.

Solar Energy Installers Can Save You Money

As the global focus turns more towards renewable energy sources to combat carbon emissions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, households and businesses might look towards harnessing natural, renewable energy sources like the wind and sun to create energy. One way that many Sydney households are considering is the installation of Solar Energy photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Solar panels are installed on the roof of your property and connected to an inverter. These panels convert the sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity, and then the inverter converts this to Alternating Current (AC) electricity, which is what all the appliances in your home will use.

Using solar energy to power your appliances reduces your reliance on power from the grid, and any excess electricity you generate can be fed back into the grid or used to charge a battery.

Trusted & Experienced Solar Energy Installers in Sydney

Although there is an upfront cost for installing solar panels, costs for this technology are reducing every year. Installing a solar system can attract financial incentives from the Australian Government too, through the solar energy rebates that are designed to encourage the use of renewable energy. Upfront costs can also be eliminated using the various finance oprions available with AYKA Technologies.

According to the NSW Government, the average Sydney household can save up to $900 per year in reduced energy costs using a 4kW system – and that the solar energy installation cost could be paid off within 3-5 years just through reducing your electricity costs.

This isn’t the only way a solar system can save money. If you return unused energy to the grid, you might be paid a Feed in Tariff payment by your energy supplier. This is usually shown as a credit on your bill, at a set rate per kWh (kilowatt hour).

What to Expect from Solar Energy Installation

When you have your solar energy installed in Sydney, a net or smart meter will monitor your solar generation, household consumption, and how much energy is exported. Here at AYKA Technologies, we monitor your system for its lifetime, offering you the peace of mind that not only will your bills be lower and your financial gain higher, but you will know straight away if there is a fault. Our solar energy installation and workmanship are backed by a 10 year warranty, and our friendly service team are always on hand to help.

We know that choosing the right system for your needs is imperative, so we work with you to offer a bespoke system that best suits you and your unique household needs.
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Jhon Smith

The install went very very smoothly. We dident notis them and people were still playing while all the work was all going on. When you have a roof space and it's not being used then you meight as well make the most of it


The sevice provided by AYKA was excellent through out the project. Their project delivery proggrame was well thought out and integreted seamlessly with our own opration and was delivered on time with profesionallism and attention to detail.

Mike Chambers

Working with AYKA with on our 3rd solar project was a great success and they have a good team of people right from the intial consultation starts through the design process project sign off and installtion on site.

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