Commercial Solar Installers in Sydney

Any company needs its business to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That extends to every aspect of the business, including the energy that’s essential for most operations. With the cost of energy rising constantly and security of supply being a risk, solar energy is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition. However, that only applies if installation can be undertaken smoothly with no disruption to the business. With AYKA’s experience with commercial projects, you have nothing to waorry about!
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Why Commercial Solar Installation in Sydney Makes Good Sense

Whatever line of business you’re in, you need to gain as much competitive advantage as you can to be successful. That advantage can be in financial or other terms and solar power has much to offer.

1. Increased Security and Stability. Energy security can be a problem and any failings in supply will have serious consequences for your business. Although the sun doesn’t always shine in Australia, solar energy is pretty dependable and means you’re not wholly reliable on the electricity companies for your power.

2. Cost Savings. Energy prices have been steadily increasing and will continue to do so. Solar power will to a large degree protect you from these ongoing increases by providing free energy during daylight hours. Depending on the roof space available and the size of your system, you may be able to generate most or even all of your energy needs through your own resources and may even be able to earn extra income by selling surplus power back to the grid.

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint and Improved Corporate Social Responsibility. At a time when energy consumption is often increasing due to a greater degree of automation, that also means the emissions are rising. Solar power gives you the ability to reduce those emissions because the generation of solar energy has no harmful environmental effects. And being able to demonstrate that you have reduced those emissions will indicate that you are an environmentally aware company, which will greatly improve the public perception of the business and may ultimately lead to increased sales and overall profitability.

4. Return on Investment. Although there is an initial capital investment requirement for Sydney commercial solar installers, high returns are generally achieved, often in excess of 20%. This is a rate that’s rarely achieved on other forms of investment and can be increased through the availability of government incentives and rebates.

How Commercial Solar Installers in Sydney can Help You Achieve Your Aims

The success of any system depends on good planning and preparation. At AYKA Technologies, we understand what’s needed to install an efficient solar system, whether for residential use or as a large commercial project.

Ensuring Smooth Commercial Solar Installation in Sydney

We can help you decide what you need to do to obtain the best performing system at the most competitive price. We’ll install it without any disruption to your business and maintain it each year to ensure it operates correctly and gives you the best possible return on your investment. And, since we only supply the best quality components and install them correctly, you can be sure your system will deliver cheap electricity for a long time.
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Jhon Smith

The install went very very smoothly. We dident notis them and people were still playing while all the work was all going on. When you have a roof space and it's not being used then you meight as well make the most of it


The sevice provided by AYKA was excellent through out the project. Their project delivery proggrame was well thought out and integreted seamlessly with our own opration and was delivered on time with profesionallism and attention to detail.

Mike Chambers

Working with AYKA with on our 3rd solar project was a great success and they have a good team of people right from the intial consultation starts through the design process project sign off and installtion on site.

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