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Who Are We

With more than 7 years of experience the staff here at AYKA Pty Ltd has seen it all. AYKA Technologies was formed by like minded professionals to provide quality products, installation and consulting services for the energy industry. The founders have a proven track record in the solar industry with satisfied customers.

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We want to Build a world class portfolio of solar energy assets and be in the top 10 globally. We must maintain the highest standards of quality and sustainability and act responsibly at all times.

What We Do

 We offer range of competitive financing solutions for our customers, including options for commersial and residencial solar system. We alwayse provide best quality solar system to customer. We provide range of solar panel system to suits the need of you. All our products meet Australian standerd set.

Our History

AYKA Technologies is the leading installer of quality solar power systems across Australia. One of the country’s few Clean Energy Council member and our installers are Clean Energy Council accredited, we provide solar panel system solutions for businesses across NSW. Over the last 7 years our customers have benefited from their decision to invest in our solar products.  At AYKA Technologies we use only the most reliable brands of solar panels and systems for your home, including inverters paired with our notorious high-quality service.We can recommend the right generator for your home or commercial property whether its integration of a portable gas generator into your breaker panel, or a permanent installation of a fixed Generator to power your entire home or office building. And of course we also provide solar backup power systems. These systems are the most sustainable solution to backup power, and can last almost indefinitely when sized and installed correctly. Each of our residential solar installations is compliant with all Australian Standards and the Clean Energy Council guidelines.

Why Choose Us?

Solar system prices have dropped dramatically over the years and government solar incentives are available to help reduce the cost of solar-installation. Switch to solar and start saving with AYKA.

We’ll take you through all your options with going solar, so you can decide whats best for your home or business. Find the best solar plan within your budget today. 

AYKA’s team of solar experts professionally handles every detail of your installation for you. We take care of everything from installation, to getting-approvals, and working with you in a process of saving money from the Sun.

AYKA stands behind our production estimates. Every AYKA solar system comes with 10 years linear power output warranty on panels. 

Providing customers with maximum value and the best experience is our goal. Let’s see what AYKA customers are saying today, don’t just take our word for it!

AYKA combines the reliability that comes with the state-of-the-art system engineering and design of a solar system with personalized service and local knowledge.Easily compare AYKA with other companies today, and see why AYKA is your best choice for your solar needs.

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